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    1 December 2019

    Details – Savage

    Leopoldo Rosa of Dublin, Ireland has been creating pure Gems on the scene in various styles from Deep House, to Italo, Abstract Techno, and Electro dating back to at least 2005 . Indeed, if you have been listening to Underground Electronic music in the last 15 years, its essential and likely that you have some Lerosa music in your collection, and for those new to this, go check him out, he delivers in all styles. He’s an artist that always gives you his best; several Great producers know who he is and respect him highly, as well as the distinguished listeners with ears tuned for the Quality. Lerosa has got skills and quite a dynamic catalogue with plenty of style and appeal.

    A1) Abyss

    Open your quality listening experience with leagues Deep Electro of the ‘Abyss’. Rhythm bars no hesitation here as the boom of shuffling kicks and perfectly textured Electro snares escort you in without fear. Pads of mystery seep in, like fog over waters covering up something that is deep indeed, and only captivate your mind further as the track arrangement proceeds. You’ll hear cool modulations as well, that sound like blissful whistles, whilst the bubbling of water emulates a classic science fiction experiment of Deep Research…yes the imagination buttons are surely being pushed here.

    Along your journey to the ‘Abyss’ expect to encounter a nasty and funky synth bassline that will have you grooving and leave an impression in your mind for a long time. Its definitely got everything it takes to make you nod your head and gyrate. All the while those 808 snares and kicks, continue to roll and hit; exactly what we at Timeline like about Electro that is legit.

    So admirable is the murky, watery atmosphere set by the pads and bubbling effects, certainly scary to posers and their fake Electro sets. It’s a mental good track, full of excellent snare workouts,the perfect disposition of kicks, and mighty bass that never slips, and for the aquatic Electro variety fans, its certainly hydro dipped.

    Lerosa opens this affair with quite the imaginative air, ‘Abyss’…Are you ready to take the trip?

    A2) B.T.M.F.

    Lerosa is an artist of many styles pushing the limits of the box, and thus we get an excursion into Deep Breaks when the next track ‘B. T.M.F.’ drops. A nice chopped and fx soaked vox sample signals the alarm as this track drops in Choice Breaks style kicks and snares, to climb your rhythm stairs.

    And for imaginative nutrition, the pads that serenade the rhythm are of a curious, “nighttime in the city under UFO lights feel” to guide your intuition. Let’s not understate the lovely, acid lines adding quite the saturated texture to this stylistic gesture with classic Breaks measures.

    Your ears will also hear subtle 808 clap layers, rubbery peels, and 707ish cowbells that really peak the fun on this track’s hills. There’s not a dull moment on this ride, and along with A1 you’ll easily want to replay this EPs first side.

    ‘B.T.M.F.’ is designed 100% poser proof and a great repellant for suckers…indeed ‘B.T.M.F.’ -Break That Motherfucker….

    B1) FreeB

    The B side of this ‘Savage’ ride starts off with an absolute jam, all Real no spam with ‘FreeB’. With no time to waste, the rhythm and bass hits you in the chest and face, whilst a funky arpeggio melody thrives in the tracks excellent use of space.

    Melancholic chords with a choir effect arrive next to help keep the relentless groove in check, shortly before the rhythm transitions into a punchy snare-kick layered jet, taking you to levels of the next. And if that’s really tasty, check out the soulful chords that arrive shortly after the punchy rhythm takes a break on the surface, allowing you to fully hear the warm melody, before dropping back in for the win.

    All of these elements meld finely together during the remainder of the track’s progression for really a true imaginative, dark, and melodic Electro lesson. Indeed the fun never stops in this listening session. ‘FreeB’ is an essential banger for the listener or honorable DJ without question.

    B2) Ossary

    If terms like soulful, aquatic, authentic, and melodic are terms in your daily glossary, then you’re going to really enjoy the sound of ‘Ossary’. Check out the soul and warmth of the chords that open this track, as a revving bassline makes it strong presence in the back.

    The snares and kicks drop in moments later with such a smooth attack, layered with plenty of bass and that famous 808 snap. All the while hats and cymbals do their thing painting groove hues in this groovy audio with so much soulful mood. Dreamy synths are perfectly placed along the course as well, sprinkling and whistling here and there so much vibrant flair on this smooth Electro sail.

    It’s no auditory delusion, when you hear the calls of sea creatures sounding like spiritual hums that add just another level of pure fun. The great use of space and imaginative effects here, blend perfectly, transitioning between various moods where the rhythm, bassline, and chords have their own individual chance to shine in your mind….As the journey peaks and culminates, the Deep Electro soul inside of you activates, and ‘Ossary’ is a musical destination that is surely great.

    There’s a lot to love about this track, and it’s one of five very strong reasons to have Lerosa ‘Savage’ EP on your shelves or record racks, awaiting your turntable for a true Deep Electro and Breaks attack.

    B3) Savage

    Lerosa takes us to the end of this exquisite EP via an Electrofunk banger with lovely old school Detroit habits on the title track “Savage”. Arriving almost if it has already been playing waiting for you to walk into the room and feel the boom; a sharp and shuffling Electro Rhythm with plenty of drive, shoulder nodding, and foot working sensibility opens the scene for some truly grooving activities. And oh the bassline, it’s mighty fine and drops in right on time to serenade the 808 kicks and snares and intertwine…

    The alien funk synth stabs that Coast in smooth as clouds, add a texture of saturation as they funk your mind for the rest of the tracks duration. At the same time, whistle like synths with so much of that old school Spacebound Detroit Electro flavor add even more imagination and melody for you to savor.

    Lively robotic blips and bleeps are subtle yet present enough to add a nice percussive flavor to this groove that will have you on the move. It’s like a moment of daydream, imaginative, yet brief and straight the point and ready to leave your mind satisfied with an amazing scene.

    Phil Robertson playing B.T.M.F. at 24:30

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