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    The Rescue


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    Release date:
    17 September 2021

    Details – The Rescue

    Lazarus is back on Shaw Cuts with “The Rescue”, a swashbuckling tale of sheer heroism, revolutionary sentiment and resistance in the face of oppression.

    Following the fall of the Sung Dynasty, minister Wen, who pens a patriotic song to inspire the nation, is imprisoned by the conquering Mongols. Sung patriots plot to free the lord from the Celestial Prison by having themselves arrested and a spy release them once inside. But the prison general sets a deadly trap. “Harbinger”, its heavy drums, mystic pads and untamed spirit perfectly describes the menacing scene inside the prison.

    With the help of free-spirited hero Le Heru, patriot Bai Yaerh escapes the carnage. With more fighters in tow, he returns to the prison with a new plan to tunnel underground. Yet this too is a cunning trap that forces Le Heru to cover up the heroes’ escape. The intense buildup of “Light The Torch” with its echoing chords and noisy elements, invigorates and drives the pack forward.

    After convincing a Mongol-raised guard captain to join them, the patriots make a last attempt to save lord Wen by posing as Mongols and slipping into the jail. They finally reach Wen who has starved himself to death. The shifting drums and emotional synths of “Sinus Node” sets the serene tone needed to compensate for the loss, signaling a promising new dawn.

    The legion finds hope while battling out of the prison to preserve the moving song the minister composed before his demise. “Cyto” and its melancholic mood filled with revolving breaks, powerful arpeggios and shimmering drums, leads to a shocking and disturbing end that is hard to handle.

    Oblivion playing Light The Torch at 1:29:40

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