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    Compilation Issue 2

    Various Artists

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    12", EP




    Release date:
    22 June 2020

    Details – Compilation Issue 2

    City Bowl Wax Network returns with its second compilation, featuring four eclectic dance cuts from some of Cape Town’s rising stars.

    A1 opens with Deano’s Stainless Steel, a track that demonstrates the versatility of one of South Africa’s most promising techno producers. A long, broken intro steadily builds into a pulsating electro cut, complemented by creeping atmospherics. Progressively applied distortion builds the energy of the track over several bars, accompanied by a dazzling synth that slowly emerges alongside carefully treated percussion. The track evokes an attitude occupying the intersection between the old and new schools. This is a fresh sound for the talented producer, yet still unmistakable Deano in its approach.

    On the A2, veteran sound designer Silvan takes us on an extraordinary journey with his track, Fen. A cinematic intro pours over into a lush, delicate, and perfectly complex exploration of percussion and atmosphere, both of which appear to occupy a shape-shifting chamber. The sound palette is completely organic and familiar, yet somehow entirely new, and the arrangement continues to surprise with carefully timed impulses of energy. The track maintains a careful, broken stride, coupled with an explorative energy that eventually unfolds into a brief, yet incredibly powerful emotional catharsis in its final few bars.

    The B1 shows why Rose Bonica is perhaps one of South Africa’s most unconventional and exciting producers. Her track, BEYOURBETTERSELF, opens with a hypnotic call to action, entrancing the listener while slowly introducing difficult-to-place rhythmic elements that slowly move through the stereo field. Throughout the track, it feels as if she continues to inject energy and character into the pre-existing percussion elements, warping sounds that become familiar into something new. The track maintains the feel and emotion of the live performances she has become known for, allowing for a very heady journey into some of the more unexplored realms of techno. This track is as affecting in headphones as it would be on the dancefloor, the quintessential quiet banger.

    The compilation concludes with Faretrade’s AFib, a contemplative and introspective journey exploring the relationship between rhythm and mind. Granulated wood percussion is juxtaposed against the steadiness of an undulating drone that reveals itself slowly throughout the track, gaining and losing harmonic content. The track finds strength in its manipulation of the stereo field to consistently challenge the listener’s sense of space, all the while building energy driven by an unconventional kick pattern, reminiscent of an irregular heartbeat with marching qualities. Delicately processed percussion elements come and go, and the rhythm converges with scattered processing to create something that is simultaneously glued together and loose.

    ZDS playing Deano – Stainless Steel at 17:00

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